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Originally Posted by auric2000 View Post
Right then since PWE refuses to listen to my Tickets I will just post it here.
Some how either long ago when I joined or during the confused mishap of linking My Cryptic Account could not be connected to my PWE account. So I made another PWE. Tried to link that.. and on the 'validation' page where it should have sent me a email. It didn't and locked my main email from being used as well. I tried other emails and similar glitched. They just wont link with my Cryptic account.

All I ask of you Cryptic/PWE is to just erase the links or help me fix it so I can use my main email, my cryptic account and this PWE account. Nothing more, nothing less. Please can I get proper help here.
Make sure you don't have any java/script blockers installed (seen that a few times in a few posts) that's causing issues, the FAQ posted by Brandon in the STO forums should be good for majority of people.

You won't get official PWE assistance however for your direct problem on the forums. The only way is to submit a ticket (and wait for a response which can take up too a week) or e-mail

They do not provide account support on the forums for massive security reasons :smile:
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