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06-22-2012, 11:18 PM
Cannons,and turrets,be original My setup is

Weapons Fore 3x MKX2 ATP Single Cannons + 1 Quantum torp
Aft 4x MKX2 ATP Turrets

Deflector Maco Mkx2
Engine Borg
Shied Maco Mkx2

Engi-Chev separation,Borg Console,any two Armors
Sci 3x Field Gens
Tac 3x ATP mags

Commander Engi-ET1,EPTW2,ETPS3,AuxToSif
Lt-Sci TSS1,HE2
Lt Tac-TS1/THY1,CRF1
Ens Tac-i cant remember.....pick what u want

Doffs 2x Purp Conn Officers Tac team CD
2x Purp Maintenance-Engineering CD
1x Purp Cant member name but it has a chance of giving you 25 to all Power when using any EPTx skills

I wreak havoc on ESTFs and i absolutely shred almost everything in PVE,this is not a PvP build,its just a fun alt to a beam boat