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Originally Posted by tobar26th View Post
That would be why I'm looking for feedback ;-)

Emergency to Shields feels redundant, with ST1, RSP2 and TSS2 my shields are pretty solid.

Doffs I'm holding judgement on until I've explored the new ones properly.
Thing about EPTS is that the heal is more a supplement to its main function, which is jacking up your damage resistance, reducing the damage so much that the smaller heal is enough to keep you at full most of the time, particularly when combined with tac team to distribute the damage. Thats why its practically standard-issue on cruisers, to just soak up the abuse and laugh.

I'm not a fan of the Tac-heavy Oddy or DEM, but from looking at what you have, if I wanted to stay that flavor but just make minor adjustments (as opposed to a much more extensive rebuild), I'd go with

Commander Engineer
EPTW1, EPTS2, Aux2SIF2 (for the resistance boost, though the heal doesn't hurt), DEM3

LtCmdr Tactical
TT1, APB1, APO1 (for speed boost and anti tractor beam)

Lt Tactical

Lt Sci

Ensign Sci

And then slot 2 purple Damage Control Engineers, so every time you activate one of the Emergency powers you have a 2x35% chance of cutting the cooldown back to 30 seconds, and you'll get to make that 'roll' every 15 seconds if you cycle the two powers constantly. Rough math says that should give you a ~90% uptime on both powers.