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Originally Posted by skyranger1414 View Post
I think this is a strong possibility, except in my mind they ALSO loose a lot of time working in systems that then get abandoned, and instead of 3 or 4 I'm thinking 8 or so, but really the effect is so minor it may as well actually be ONE very skilled person that is actually doing it all. But yeah, their most common excuse for anything not getting done is "its too hard" or "it'd take too long". Try telling that to any client next time they ask something of you, be sure to say it with sincerity too lol

Am I the only one actively wanting NWN to fail? I loved the original but i doubt Cryptic would actually give content creators the freedom to do whatever they want or grow it with mods. I can't help but feel its going to be substandart compared to the original, its goign to cost more, and its all going to be tied to cryptic so no hosting content elsewhere, and worse its stunting the growth of CO and STO.
Oh Im sure if you spend enough (Zeni) you'll be able to have 40 diff. random races and 100's of customizing options, and the latest OP P2W magic sword that looks strangely similar to a Klingon batleth. But when you finally get past the character generator you'll only have a couple days worth of content, with no pvp, no end game and absolutely nothing to do. AND just like STO and CO there will be no plans to ever add anything either.

Yeah, that's right.