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Originally Posted by adon333 View Post
1.) I strongly believe there are only 3 or 4 devs working on this game to keep the servers running...and even then, only during off time from NWN. I do not think there are any devs working on content until the very last minute when they rush something out the week before.

2.) Licensing.... getting licenses for these ships and races often involves multiple parties and layers of copyrights and sometimes even royalties to actors, designers and writers. So even if Cryptic DID care about STO they still would have to cut through a lot of red tape and wait quite awhile for some of these things.

All in all I personally don't believe Cryptic cares enough about the IP or anything Star Trek in general to go through the effort to acquire anything additional that involves a considerable amount of effort.
Well said.
NWN is PWs next heavy hitter, STO is merely a cash cow to exploit as long as possible.