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Originally Posted by kolbrandr View Post
It's not ship envy. There are plenty of ships in this game as it is. It's that the Feds whine and cry for new ones all the time, and they get them. It's not just ships either. Meanwhile, the KDF doesn't even have the basic gameplay elements in place to actually enjoy using the ships they do have.

It's frustrating because some people enjoy the KDF playstyle, but have nothing to do in-game. But I guess a fed-centric player would not understand that.

I think I am pretty reasonable. All I want is the following:

- KDF-only content to carry us from level 1 to 20, then what we have from there is fine IMO.

- Open PVP in certain sector blocks

- Continue developing stuff for the feds, but throw the KDF at least a small bone with every fed-centric release

Do those things, and KDF will be fine in my book. Not on par with the feds, but that is fine with me. Yeah, the feds are the biggest portion of players. Just make it look like you made an effort with the KDF.
I agree with the "do that-and-that" idea, but I disagree with the opinion that feds can do nothing but whine.

Let us imagine a hypothetical scenario. Let's imagine that the Romulan Star Empire has been added as, say, a level 40-50 faction. However, Cryptic made some unique stuff for it.

Just as the feds constantly demand KDF unique stuff, the feds AND the KDF will demand RSE unique stuff. It's perfectly logical to expect that response.
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