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06-23-2012, 04:07 AM
The UI is terrible, though it has some nice features, like being able to re-arrange elements, but even that might require some trial and error because the mover boxes are not an accurate show of the actual visual area/size of the element.

The ground tray won't stay at 3 bars, its constantly collapsing down to 1 bar.

There are constantly used tools on the mini-map, most of which are too small, or hidden in a sub-menu, I wish they would take some off the mini-map and make a LCARS like menu bar across the top of the power tray to make it easier to hit inventory, PvP and PvE queues, and DOFFs. This would open some space on the Mini-Map for items currently hidden on the sub-menu.

All inventory items need to be dragged and dropped into the bank, or vice versa, instead of just clicking and auto-stacking.

You need to be able to set a default weapon, the UI for some reason doesn't like to recall which weapon was the last one you used and stay on it.

Certain CDs that should be real time, like transwarp and tribble buffs, only tick down when are online or in ground mode or space mode. Its annoying to not play for several days and come online and not be able to transwarp, or my Dilithium tribble CD timer takes weeks to count down one hour because I play a lot more space then ground.

The system doesn't remember BOFF seats per ship makes it more work then needed to switch between ships, maybe they will fully address this when they allow us to set a default shuttle.

Those are just the things on top of my head.