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06-23-2012, 07:44 AM
ive seen an improvement in quality.

the work done to improve the game for free to play with the calendar system, the journal, the improved task forces really helped the game.

new ships and locations look as beautiful as anything we have seen before. the last FE had a tone of VO and cutscenes and new tech. the alpha mission went over very well. there has been events, ships or content updates almost every week in some form or another. the borg ground invasion is a great zone. the doff system is brilliant. pvp is finally being worked on

the game is totally free to play, and you can even trade dilithium for c-points so of course there will be a trade off. really think about that. the whole game is free and anything can be earned for free. thats pretty awesome. yes the limit is a pain but you can even get round that with multiple characters. the harder you work the better you will be.

ok there have been some mistakes. lock boxes and time gated content have not gone over well (although their metrics seem to support them by all accounts) but they seem to be learning. the doff/lock box combo are proving popular. they are addressing the time gate thing and season 6 is looking very nice on tribble.

the dev team has doubled which is vital to the future and that should really start to pay off as soon as they are all trained and up to speed.

I know the forums mess and lock boxes (which are not just a PW thing as everyone seems to be getting in on the act) have soured peoples views but the devs are still the devs. they have a decent sized team and seem to be getting good funding. the game is only going to get better.

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