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06-23-2012, 06:48 AM
Is the runabout considered a 2 person vessel? Does it have to have a narrow, slick cockpit meant for a at max 2 hour dogfight or can it also be meant to serve as a very short range patrol vessel? Anyone have any Console ideas yet? Since my initial scetch was a flying wing integrated body design, I was going to do a "Excess Particle Ejection Stream" Basically ejectiing a combination of space debri such as ice crystals bolstered by other exotic reflective debri found in warp at a flat, 2 dimmensional stroke. The reflective debri makes visual contact impossible, and greatly limits sensor penetration, and some exotic particles are known to leech energy when disturbed by impulse wakes.:smile:Overpowered? Is this for a personal craft or carrier? becuase I could see 20 of these trails being annoying:biggrin:!