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Originally Posted by januhull View Post
I don't see how the game is going downhill at all.

As far as PWE's management thus far, lets consider:

1) The Feds got a carrier...something more than a few of us have wanted since Day 1, and that Cryptic was very adamant against.

2) New content IS being added. The Featured series were a nice idea, but if the ROI isn't paying out, go on ahead and find one that does work. That's just good business sense.

3) The F2P system does not, IN ANY WAY, restrict silver players from ANY mission content in the game, period. I've seen a number of other IPs gate their quest/mission content behind pay to play walls, and if you think these little lockboxes are a money grab, you ain't seen jack.

4) Not every bit of new gear bling is gated behind pay to play. The Vault STF with the Reman sets, the Defera Invasion zone and its gear sets, the Borg STFs... You have to work to earn them, often repeating instances more times than your sanity wants to remember, but welcome to MMOs. Grinding is part of the experience.

5) About the lockbox lottery ships, let's consider them for a bit. The Jem-bug, the Galor, the Marauder, and the Freighter. None of these ships are in ANY way end all be all, must have or the game's unwinnable, types of ships. Not one. They're unique, they're expensive, but not one is in any way the "One ship to rule them all". No one ever said they have to satisfy anyone's sense of entitlement to have every toy in the box.

6) About the lockboxes in general. If you don't like them, DISPOSE OF THEM. I really don't get all the grouching about them. The damned things are purely voluntary, and nothing in them is in any way necessary to participate fully in the game. So if they bother you that much, then leave'em on the field... Don't pick them up, don't roll for them in STFs, just ignore the fact that they exist and get on with your life.

Seriously, what has PWE done since January that's really made our lives in game all that bloody miserable? I don't get it.
Lockboxes as a content choice don't bother me. Lockboxes and the way loot spawns in space and ground, however, greatly disappoints me. Regardless of container type, its so anti-immersive to me to have stuff spawn like that. I have often thought that there should be wreckage from space combat that our starships could scan for finding loot. Same deal on the ground, give those awesome Tricorders a job scanning bodies(no loot for vaporize, sorry).

My Idea for a lockbox; first its not in a box, its wreckage, second it tells you what it is when you scan it(no more lottery) and third the cost is in C-points that is paid when(if)you decide to beam the loot aboard.