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06-23-2012, 07:49 AM
Originally Posted by cormoran View Post
Don't tell people to 'go elsewhere'. You're not doing Cryptic or PWE any favours by pushing their customers away. Perhaps you could even take a piece of your own advice and simply not open threads you know you won't like.
I have no problem not opening threads that don't appeal to me - that been said, I come to the STO forms for information on the game, help out people with questions that I can answer and just general chat.

I am not huge poster like some of the community, put I find myself getting really ticked off that everyday I check the forums and there are another handful of threads all complaining because someone feels that they have been poorly treated or getting shafted or whatever and it is that, that is dragging STO downhill the constant moaning and whining about one thing or another.

I am all for people expressing there concerns with the game if there is a genuine issue, but the comments on these "new forums" since they went live is just getting out of hand.

And that's what also turns people away.