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Originally Posted by stoshonuff View Post
the "if you buy this pack 1000 times you MIGHT get something cool" cstore pack
Actually most of us here in the forums were quite happy with that promotion. You bought a pack of doffs and no matter what, you got the doffs. The ship and the lobis were just extra bonuses. You got what you paid for.

It was a lot better than the lockboxes. With those there was a very good chance that what you received was worth much less than the cost of the master key you had to purchase to open it up.

Because there was no need for a new Forum
Been much discussed. The forums were moved over so that all of the PW forums were in one location and on one platform.

A better response to that would be to point out that the move was onto a much older version of the forums and many features were lost in the move.

It does little good to complain about the wrong thing.
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