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"HOTTIE!!" rc seldom raised his voice on the bridge and this was from his ready room.

"What the heck happened to my passcodes, I was trying to contact the fleet." Hottie was rc's very first officer he recruited durng the Azura disaster. When stressed he relied on her, even tho Spike is the XO, and Spike understands.

"Sir there has been an... upgrade." she hesitated saying the word. She might as well have been Zaphod Beeblebrox shouting Belgium.

"Why can't those infernal engineers leave well enough alone... sorry Fannie, but who authorized this?"

"The Federation and the Klingon defense league. It was Mandated a few days ago, we just got the message due to the Nebula's interferance while we were studying it." Fannie kept her temper under control, she'd have words with him later.

"Spike, help me sort this out. Why am I not able to use my old access id...?"

"You may have accidently duplicated it sir. Let's have a look." She sauntered over to the Big chair and leaned over to recheck the settings. Rc's irritability was mounting.

"Palmer! Aren't you supposed to be driving this thing? Eyes forward and both hands on the console, mister."

The crew was in for a rough day.