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Originally Posted by tvlar View Post
"Like it or leave it " ?
While I agree that many posts in the Forums fall under the "complaining for the sake of complaining" variety, MANY are expressing their concern for the future of the only accessible form of a cultural "hearthstone".
Every misstep, screwup, Q&A foul-up, is scrutinized by individuals who have made the science, principles and background of the IP, a part of their own personal lives.
I would gently suggest that the current licensees of the IP consider that the collective personal financial investment of the Star Trek fanbase, across time, exceeds the overall value of the PWE company.
Aligning themselves with the expectations of that financial juggernaut may seem the more financially prudent, long term winning strategy.
This game isn't the only accessible form. You can see the tv shows every day on tv, you can buy the books in a store, watch the films/shows on DVD or blue ray, play other star trek games. Oh, and isn't there a new star trek film being made as we speak? Please don't say it doesn't count because of whatshisface who's directing, it's a new star trek film!

Every perceived mistake being made in this game by cryptic or pwe may well be being logged by some of the players, but you need to realise star trek, the trek you cherish, not the new style, is a niche market now. It's not as mainstream as it once was. That's why they don't make the shows, the old style films, etc. The old trek has had its day. You may see it as a cultural hearthstone, and that's cool, but you aren't in the majority.

People need to be realistic. Old trek is not going to bring in the numbers anymore, and you are lucky a star trek mmo even exists.