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The Quantum Collective Gaming Community is looking for more like minded people.

We pride ourselves on our casual-social atmosphere, especially on our voice server. Our focus is to have fun and do so with those who's company we enjoy! Do you ever go to the bar after a day's work? That's what our Ventrilo is like, every night!

Founded in 2010, we continue to evolve and grow.
Our probationary period ensures we keep social and positive people, while eliminating any negative influence.
We also play many other games as well, including non-MMO's.

As a member, you enjoy the following privileges:

Scheduled Missions/Raids
Our Ventrilo Server (free of charge) - used primarily for socializing.
Use of our Website to share pictures, files and even music.
Use of our Guild Banks in game.
And more!...


Although we are a casual-social community, we do have requirements.

1. Downloading and using Ventrilo.

As socializing is important to our fundemental structure, we enjoy meeting, talking and joking with others. And as many know, typing can lead to painful joint inflammation and general detritus of the fingers. Use your voice!!! We have our own server and it is completely FREE to you.. All you need is a microphone.
For more information on Ventrilo, visit:

2. Apply here on our website.

The Website is a portal to many abilities that some consider to be... unnatural...
Seriously, the website is the hub of our community.
Like playing other games? Find someone on our community website to play with!
Need help? Find it on our website or create a post and get the answers you need!

Once we receive and review your application, leadership will review your application and deliver an answer within 7 days. If you are accepted, you will begin as a new member, and go through our standard probationary process.

3. 18+ Age Requirement. We want maturity and levity at the same time, we're adults here.

4. Be Drama-Free! Keep your negativity, racism, prejudice or whatever baggage you have out the door. Or we will kick you out the door, head first.

5. Participation
There are many ways to participate within the community. We do not require participation in any events, however, our community is set-up as a MERITOCRACY. Those who are social, helpful, fun, mature or participate regularly get promoted and are included in special events.
We do schedule times where we can participate in missions/raids, etc. etc. If you would like to join us, feel free to do so! The more the merrier! The participation requirements we are speaking of are things like:

>> Bank Actions:

If you withdraw something, by all means, give something back.

>> Ask for our help! And in turn, give help!

There is nothing wrong with asking for help. And whenever you can, try to help someone else out if they need it. Believe us, it makes our time spent here so much more enjoyable. (Begging for in-game money or loans is not asking for help, it's pan-handling. Not acceptable in our community.)

Join us HERE!

Enjoy your gaming time and Carpe Diem!

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