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06-23-2012, 09:55 AM
Any other ideas?

In a general way you can divide the consoles into a couple categories - dps, defense, science control powers (some dps too) and passive buffs like the transwarp cooldown.

The shield one above is a great defensive idea, a nice counterpoint for the ablative generator.

What about control options? The 'sticky' gravity well could work, but might be OP (and not as useful in PVE where the mobs don't actively flee it much anyway)

How about a way to disable launchers on an enemy ship? Some science technobable that basically blocks things like torpedo ports and hanger bays? Kindof like gumming up a gun barrel? I don't know, it would be cool, but disproportionately damaging to enemy torp boats and carriers, while not very useful at all against things like beam cruisers.

Surely there are other cool idea out there?