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Ok, so after reluctantly merging my account I've attempted to buy my first batch of Zen. I say attempted because it's been over 10 hours and it's still being "review"-ed. I didn't mind the C-store before. It's payment method was modern and every time I bought credits, they were instantly given to me.

Now i get this Zen crap, taking well over 10 hours to process my my purchases. I don't see how these guys can stay in business like this. Next time I will just buy the physical cards in the store... But even then I've read in the forums of their other fp2 games and have read their posts where people bought the physical cards you pay for with cash, then redeem the codes: They too are given the "processing" run around.

How many of you have bought Zen using your credit card, and how long did it take to receive your Zen? I didn't want to use Paypal, google checkout or any other processor, so I chose "credit card" though they forced me to use moneybrooker in the end. Very upsetting experience!

I'm aware that there are TONS of threads identical to this one, but hey I say keep the new threads coming. Not that it will do any good though, but at least get the word out on how horrible this system is!

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