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06-23-2012, 10:59 AM
Originally Posted by utio View Post
This game isn't the only accessible form. You can see the tv shows every day on tv, you can buy the books in a store, watch the films/shows on DVD or blue ray, play other star trek games. Oh, and isn't there a new star trek film being made as we speak? Please don't say it doesn't count because of whatshisface who's directing, it's a new star trek film!

Every perceived mistake being made in this game by cryptic or pwe may well be being logged by some of the players, but you need to realise star trek, the trek you cherish, not the new style, is a niche market now. It's not as mainstream as it once was. That's why they don't make the shows, the old style films, etc. The old trek has had its day. You may see it as a cultural hearthstone, and that's cool, but you aren't in the majority.

People need to be realistic. Old trek is not going to bring in the numbers anymore, and you are lucky a star trek mmo even exists.
But what was old(TOS)is new again. Trek has lived for over 40 years and you think that somehow you can assume what the majority is? I heard Trek had had its day before and that was just a few years after it had been canceled. Trek will always have a special appeal to anyone who looks at the stars and wonders what is out there. By that reckoning there were Trekkies making cave paintings and learning how to make fire. You can't niche the unresistable.