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Infected Ground


Infected Ground Briefing


This is the single hardest of the optional objectives in the entire game. It requires the entire team working in close coordination, and there is less than a minute margin for error. For this mission, the group should be broken up into two teams, one two-man team which is responsible for rescuing the Starbase personnel (rescue team) and a three-man team which is responsible for distracting the rest of the drones and killing them (distraction team).

Class Specific Notes:

Engineers should use the Enemy Neutralization Kit, since Weapon Malfunction on Heavy Tactical Drones is essential to surviving with a very aggressive strategy, and the explosives do wonderful damage against closely packed groups; Tactical Officers should use the Fire Team Kit, since you need as much DPS as you can possibly get. For Science Officers, since tachyon harmonic is extremely useful against Heavy Tactical drones, one should use the Borg Medical Analyzer or the Analyst Kit.

Team Composition & Gear Load out:

Standard recommendations about gear apply, with one change; switch out the Borg Tribble for Collective Static Grenades. These are extremely useful as they buy a few seconds for the distraction team to close with the tactical drones and unleash pulsewave attacks. When dividing up into teams, the first science officer should always go with the distraction team, along with one engineer officer, if present. The last slot on the distraction team should be filled by a tactical officer, though two tactical officers on the distraction team also works nicely. the rescue team does not need to be heavily DPS-focused, and any classes may fulfill this role adequately. Pulsewave assault weapons are considered mandatory for this mission because they are simply the most effective way to attack closely packed groups of Borg.

Mission Map: The rest of the walkthrough will reference the below map extensively. It is recommended that all team members memorize this map, paying special attention to trigger lines.

Link to the Mission Map

Tactical Walkthrough:

At mission start, do not talk to the NPC until the team is in position at the force field. One team member should stay back to talk to the NPC and start the mission timer once the other four are stacked up. From henceforth, the walkthrough will proceed with room-by-room breakdowns. NOTE: For the entire run, the distraction team should run in first to draw the Borgís attention before the rescue team goes in to rescue the hostages.


Room 1A: After clearing the hallway leading to 1A, the distraction team runs in, with the heavy tactical in the centre as priority target. Throw a collective static grenade at the centre group surrounding the heavy tac, and engage the Borg, taking care to not cross the trigger line during the clear, donít advance past the furthest bench. After the initial clear is done, wait for the heavy tactical patrol to enter the room and engage; taking care not to use excessive knockback attacks. Let it be noted that the NPC hostages should be beamed up only after the room is clear so that the rescue team can assist the distraction team in clearing the room sooner.
Room 1B: After clearing room 1A, the group should move over the right side of the room and hide behind the potted plant while one team member Ďpullsí the heavy tactical team from near the threshold between 1A and 1B, while taking care to not pass the trigger line. That person then retreats near the plant and hides with the rest of the team until the heavy tactical group is within the room, then engage with weapons that have low knockback. After the pull has been completed, storm the room, snatching the hostages on the left and dropping a collective static grenade on the centre heavy tactical group. Clear the hallway leading up to room two and wait behind the trigger line.

Room 2A: Repeat of room 1A tactics, with a helpful addition. Since there is a heavy tac group very near the entrance, it is possible and highly recommended to pull this group into the hallway (without crossing the trigger line of course) and destroy this group in isolation, which makes clearing 2A much easier.

Room 2B:The difference between 1B & 2B is that instead of being on the centre-left of the room as you enter it, the hostages are on the back right of the room, so the rescue team will have to be extremely quick, and the pull is even more important so that flanking attacks donít kill the rescue team as they run in to rescue the hostages.

Room 3: In the hallway between room 2B and 3, clear the Borg normally until you reach the ramp leading to room 3. From the top of the ramp, snipe out the four normal drones in front of the door to room 3. You are now ready to storm room 3, the most difficult portion of the mission. the distraction team will stick along the left wall, and either have an engineer use the cover shield or throw a static grenade to distract the heavy tactical for a few seconds while the rest of the team snipes the workers. An alternative is to have a science character tank the heavy tactical while the remaining two members of the distraction team snipe the workers from the sniper locations marked on the map. The rescue team can simply advance to the marked sniper spots from behind the knee-high barrier and take out the workers. Do NOT advance past the sniper spots, since that will cause the Elite Tactical Drone to attack. It will ignore the team until the team advances past halfway through the room or attacks the elite. The room is much easer to clear if the Elite Drone does not immediately attack. Please note that shooting or destroying the nodes in room 3 can aggro the Elite, which you don't want.

Alternate Strategy: As a safer though perhaps slightly slower method, pull the Heavy Tac group on the left side of room 3 into the hallway, sniping it as it comes. This makes rushing the room far safer and is recommended if the party is engineer-light and thus can't knock it out with Weapons Malfunction.

Captain Ogen:In Captain Ogenís room, the fight is quite straightforward, with the caveat that engineers should not use cover shields to trap him into his regeneration alcove, since this simply slows the fight down. Simply use a lot of team buffs and debuffs on Ogen and the fight should go quickly. Ignore the drones that spawn in halfway through the fight, since they transport in away from the platform with Ogen on it. After Ogen is dead and the drones are dispatched, have three people lower the force field.

Room 4: Run up to the area behind the trigger line and snipe the group of Borg in the entrance to the room using low-knockback weapons so that it doesnít take too long to kill them all. Ensure that any engineers save their orbital strikes for this room, since one of the workers in each room (the super-worker) has extremely strong shields and is as hard to kill as a heavy tactical drone. The rescue team should attack the group on the left, while the distraction team attacks the left side group. Do not engage the heavy tactical and its group at the back of the room; they may be safely bypassed. After clearing the workers (focus on the super-worker first! It looks like a Heavy and is far harder to kill than a normal worker) and immediately beaming up the hostages, advance down the hallways towards room 5. On your way out of room four, any engineers present should put up a cover shield to block the exit from room 4, so that the heavy patrol which you did not engage is unable to pursue you.

Room 5:Before reaching room five, ensure that the team stops at the top of the ramp and snipes the drones (including the heavy tactical) before the team crosses the trigger line. The strategy for clearing room five is similar to room four, with the additional note that no one should attack the elite drone until the workers have been killed and the hostages beamed out.

Manus of Borg: Clear the center platform, and then move to the platform immediately to your right when you enter the room. Make sure that you donít fall into the plasma soup. Proceed around the room in a clockwise manner, knocking tactical drones into the soup to kill them using knockback attacks such as sniper fire and sonic pulse. After the central generator is down, there are two possible strategies. Firstly, you can simply have the entire group huddling behind a cover shield put up by an engineer and shoot Becky. Make sure that whoever is targeted by her blue circle gets behind the cover shield immediately. Alternatively, the team can spread out and simply snipe Rebecca. If team spreads out, it should be noted that you can actually climb up onto Rebecca's platform and use the two pillars on either side to take cover from her attacks. Once she's dead, go pick up the loot drops from the central platform and pat yourself on the back for beating the hardest optional objective in the game!