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Cure ground


Cure Ground Briefing

This mission consists of several distinct portions. Firstly, there are two different shield puzzles where transformers must be activated in sequence to lower barriers preventing further advance. Along the way, the team must free four captured Klingons which the Borg have captured for later assimilation and collect genetic samples from the Klingons which have died as a result of the assimilation plague. After both gates are brought down, the shield protecting the orbiting shipyards must be destroyed, after which the team must defeat Armek of Borg.

Class Specific Notes: Tactical captains should stick with the Fire Team Kit, Engineers are recommended to use the Enemy Neutralization Kit, since they can use the knockback from transphasic bombs to defend transformers, or use those same bombs, pre-positioned before the repulsor fields go up, to damage turrets. Engineers should also bring along the Fabrication Specialist kit since Quantum Mortars are highly effective against Armek of Borg in certain circumstances. Science officers, and the mission REQUIRES at least one science officer, MUST bring a medic kit or Borg medic kit for the Armek fight. For the rest of the mission, Science officers may use the Analyst or Physicist kits for crowd control and ranged damage, respectively. These two kits are highly recommended because they contain the Sonic Pulse ability, which is extremely useful when defending transformers.

General Strategy: When engaging groups of Borg, focus-fire on the Heavy Tactical Drones first, use area-of-effect attacks like Pulsewaves and Transphasic Bombs to quickly take down the Borg groups before freeing the Klingon prisoners and collecting the genetic samples.

Turret Takedown Strategy: People attacking the turrets (it is recommended that at least four players take down any turret) must bring the turret’s health down to slightly below half before the repulsor field goes down and the turret can be destroyed by planting a bomb on it. Once the field is down, the designated bomb planter must run in and set the bomb while the other team members shoot the small plasma turrets that transport in so that they don’t shoot the bomb-planter and disrupt the demolition process.

Transformer Puzzle Strategy: The transformer puzzles require that four transformers be activated in sequence and then defended until the beam brings down the gate. The first transformer is generally attacked by the largest number of drones, and thus should have the player best equipped with knockbacks and crowd control assigned to it. Generally, one person is assigned to generators one through three (generator four shouldn’t need a person defending it), another is assigned as a ‘floater’ roaming between generator one and two and assisting as needed, with the last person assigned as the runner who will activate the transformers and plant bombs on the turrets. After clearing out the Borg near the transformers, activate the first transformer. All five team members should attack the first turret, then the person assigned to guard generator one should peel off and keep the workers off the generator. The other four team members should move forward and take down the second turret. Once the second turret is down, the remaining team members should split up and assume assigned duties until the gate goes down. Once the gate is down, ignore the workers and simply rush forward to the next part of the mission. There is no reason to kill the remaining worker drones; that is simply a waste of time.

Shield Generator Strategy: There are a large number of Drones, including several Heavy Tactical Drones surrounding the shield generators. It is not advised that the team attempt to engage the entire mass of drones simultaneously. Rather, right around the group of drones between the shield generators and the final gate, the team should stop and take up sniper positions while one member goes forward and shoots one drone, then retreats to the rest of the team. The team is thus able to snipe one group at a time as this process is repeated until the number of drones is manageable. After the Borg are all killed, destroy the shield generators protecting the Borg Shipyards so that after defeating Armek you can beam up to your ship for the space portion of the mission.

Armek Strategy: Armek, the most difficult boss fight in Star Trek Online if you don’t know what you’re doing. Let me make this very clear: a Science Officer with a healing kit is absolutely required for this fight. There are a number of different variations on the basic strategy of distracting Armek in melee while the rest of the team kills him. Note that Pollyalloy Armor is highly recommended to grant physical resistance to the tank. Also note that Immunosuppressant hypos boost both melee damage and provide immunity to the assimilate attacks that Armek likes to use.

Things to avoid: Pets such as Horta and Security Escorts are absolutely forbidden in this fight, as are plasma grenades and multiple people engaging in melee with Armek. There can only be one tank at a time, and the medic should keep at least five to ten meters distance from Armek at all times.

The Tank: Any class can tank Armek effectively if they have healing support. Engineers can kill Armek quickly with the Enemy Neutralization Kit, Tactical Officers can stay alive a long while with Overwatch and apply damage resist debuffs to Armek, and Science Officers can simply stand there and keep themselves alive indefinitely.

The Kill: Again, there are a number of ways to effectively kill Armek, which depend on team composition.

Mortars: If the team has a large number of engineers, the engineers can camp outside the force field area and keep mortars deployed around the perimeter. In this strategy the tank can simply hold Armek’s attention while mortars do most of the damage.

Engineer Tank: As previously mentioned, Engineers with the Enemy Neutralization kit can manage the kill more or less solo with a medic healing. Other team members should simply stay around the perimeter of the combat area so as to avoid orbital strikes and snipe at Armek, applying debuffs as is practical.

Sniper Method: The fall-back strategy that works with any class mix: either have the medic tank or heal the designated tactical officer (since you aren’t using the above Engineer tank strategy) while the rest of the team spreads out and snipes, debuffs and calls in orbital strikes against Armek.

Pulsewave Method
:This is a variant of the Medic Tank which can result in 30-second kills. Quite simply the medic stands in front of Armek, engaging him in melee while the other four team members stand about two or three meters behind Armek and bombard him with pulsewave assault weapons. When the cover shields pop up, everyone should be within the perimeter of the cover shield area, the medic in melee and the rest with their backs to the cover shields. Fastest known method.