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Cure Space


Cure Space Briefing

Note: I copied this from the wiki article which I wrote, so this is not a case of plagiarism.

Mission Stages:

1. The first part of the mission consists of defending the I.K.S. Kang form waves of assimilated Klingon ships spawned by the shipyards and associated Borg Cubes while simultaneously destroying said Cubes
2. The Captains then hail the I.K.S. Kang after all three Cubes are destroyed; it then warps out.
3. All Captains proceed to mop-up surviving Borg vessels.
4. An Assimilated Carrier warps in, which must be destroyed.

General Information:

In order to destroy the Cubes, you must destroy first the lower nanite probes (the ones closest to the shipyard) then the upper nanite probes in order to make the Cube vulnerable.
After three lower probes and one upper probe are destroyed, one Borg Negh’var and one Borg Raptor decloak at the shipyard and move to attack the Kang. It is recommended that they be destroyed immediately.
Once the first Cube is destroyed, the ships spawned at the other two locations change to Raptors. Once two Cubes are destroyed, the final one spawns waves of Negh’var battle cruisers.
Player Captains are able to use healing abilities on the I.K.S. Kang. Tactical team in particular is recommended as the Kang will not mange its own shields.

Optional Objective:

Destroy all three cubes in under fifteen (15) minutes while not permitting the health of the I.K.S. Kang to drop below 75%

Tactical Walkthrough:
  1. Players should pick one person to defend the I.K.S. Kang. An Escort with area-of-effect (AoE) attacks such as Cannon: Scatter Volley & Torpedo: Spread can fulfill this role quite adequately. A slightly superior choice is a Klingon Vo’quv class carrier, as these ships excel at killing multiple weak targets such as the waves of Birds-of-Prey. Carriers can also equip crowd-control bridge officer abilities such as Gravity Well.
  2. The other four players are responsible for destroying all nanite probes in the system, ignoring ALL other targets save the Negh’vars and Raptors that decloak as previously mentioned.
  3. Upon warping into the system, the player assigned to guard the Kang should assume their station while all others head to the left gate and begin killing probes.
  4. Once all probes are destroyed, it is necessary to kill the three cubes SIMULTANEOUSLY. There are two main strategies for doing this:
  • Once the last group of probes is destroyed, the four players formerly on probe duty all attack the Cube until it is at 20% health, then leave one ship to ‘guard’ it and keep it at a low health. This is recommended for a low DPS team, since it is very easy to kill the Cube by accident or with an unlucky critical hit. This is a disastrous outcome.
  • Alternatively, particularly if the team has three or more Escorts, the team should split up and attack the three cubes without using buffs so as to avoid excessive DPS until all cubes are wounded and ready to die. This is my preferred strategy for most situations.
  • Additionally, be careful to keep your distance from any wounded Cubes, as the warp-core breach from a destroyed starship can destroy the Cube if it is close enough.
  1. Variant (PUG-Friendly) Tactic:
    1. Assign one person to Kang duty, then split into two groups of two.
    2. One pair takes out the right cube, another pair takes out the middle cube, and they time the destruction to so that the right cube blows up first, then meet in the middle to deal with raptors.
    3. If the team doesn't have a high enough DPS for two ships to reliably take out the probes and accompanying cube by themselves, then eliminate the probes at the right & middle cubes, then blow the right cube, then eliminate the raptors, followed by destroying the centre cube.
    4. Lastly, have everyone converge upon the last cube and take it out. The group should have enough firepower to take down the Negh'vars if all five are together.
  2. Upon command from the Commodore (team lead), destroy all Borg Cubes.
  3. Hail the I.K.S. Kang immediately so that it warps out of the system and away from any attackers. The ship hailing the Kang must be out of combat.
  4. Destroy any and all remaining Borg vessels.
  5. Destroy the Assimilated Carrier.