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Khitomer Accord Space


Khitomer Accord Space Briefing

Mission Stages:

1. Destroy the Tactical Cube
2. Deploy ships to control probes warping in and defend the Time Vortex
3. Bring the left gate to 10%
4. Bring the right gate to 10%
5. Kill both gates simultaneously
6. Kill Donatra

General Information & Tactics:
  • Do not permit any probes to enter the time portal leading to the era of the tutorial mission.
  • The team should be broken down into three sections: one person guarding each gate, and three
  • people assigned to destroy the gates and transformers.
  • Ships on probe duty should equip abilities such as Gravity Well, Eject Warp Plasma, Theta Radiation Vent, Tractor Beam, Cannon Scatter Volley, and Fire at Will. Multi-Vector Escorts with Cannon Scatter Volley and Gravity Well, as well as KDF Carriers are highly effective in this role.
  • The three ships attacking the transformers and gates should be high-DPS vessels such as escorts.
  • The fight against Donatra at the end can by quite difficult if the team doesnít have appropriate abilities to take her down; Tykenís Rift, Aceton Assimilators, Target Shields, Siphon Drones, etc. are all effective.
  • The same tactics that work against the Tactical Cube in Infected will function against Donatra.

Tactical Walkthough:

When the mission begins, there is a single tactical cube which must be destroyed to begin the countdown timer on the optional objective. This tactical cube is far weaker than the one in Infected; no special strategies should be needed to combat it.

After the tactical cube is destroyed, the two people on probe duty should assume positions between the time vortex and the gates which the probes come out of. The other three should move towards the left gate and begin attacking generators. Once two generators are down, a cube will warp in, and the team (assisted by the person on probe duty if possible) should focus all available fire on the cube to bring it down quickly.

It should also be noted that the person on right gate duty (since fewer probes come out of right gate) can bring down generators on right side so long as they are careful not to attack the Cubes which warp in. This makes the job of the assault team significantly easier.

Once both transformers on left are eliminated, the left gate should be brought down to 10% health, no lower. By doing this the mission becomes significantly easier, since both gates will continue to spawn only probes, which are far easier to kill than the Spheres which would warp in if one gate gets destroyed. It is recommended that one ship be left behind on the wounded gate to stop the probes that continue to warp in if this method is used.

When the above process has been repeated on the right side and both gates are down to 10%, the two gates should be killed simultaneously. It may be necessary for a second person to come back to the left gate and assist in destroying it.

Once both gates are destroyed Donatra will warp in. Us the same tactics that function against tactical cubes and Donatra should go down without too much difficulty.