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Khitomer Accord Ground


Khitomer Accord Ground Briefing


Khitomer Accord Ground is perhaps the easiest of the elite STF missions, with highly skilled groups completing the optional objective with seven (my personal record) or even eight minutes remaining on the optional objective timer. In this mission, which takes place in the past during the tutorial mission preceding the Borg attack on Vega colony, the team must stop the Borg from ‘upgrading’ a large number of old Borg that have been in hibernation through the use of the Isolinear Molecular Reconverters. The IMRs must be destroyed after eliminating the six shield generators protecting them, and then an easy boss fight and the mission is done.

Class Specific Notes: When taking care of the control room, Science Officers benefit from a kit which grants the Sonic Pulse ability, and Engineers can use the Forcefield Dome from the Bunker Fabrication kit to push back drones around the consoles which permit the shield power transfer to be extended, giving the rest of the team a longer time to destroy the generator. Tactical characters should simply stick with the Fire Team kit for DPS.

General Strategy:

Remember, as always, to kill Heavy Tactical Drones first, even before Elite Tactical Drones. They do almost as much damage, and die far faster. After the first few corridors when the party reaches the main room, it should be cleared of all drones, and then the generators destroyed. When destroying generators, remember to NOT engage the Borg that transport in, simply run to the next generator in the sequence so that you can complete the mission as quickly as possible.

Tactical Walkthrough:

At the beginning of the mission, there is an elite tactical drone immediately to your right down the ramp. There are a few others, but the elite tactical should be your primary target. After that, there are a couple of groups before another room with a single elite tactical drone. Taking that down shouldn’t be hard at this point for you, proceed down another couple series of ramps, clearing Borg groups along the way.

At the end of the series of stone ramps, you enter another room that looks like the inside of a Borg vessel, with an elite tactical drone on a raised platform to the left of where you enter. It is possible to bypass this elite drone and the couple at the bottom of the ramp by simply turning sharply to your right when you enter and jumping down a level. There will be a heavy tac and a few regular tactical drones that you need to dispatch. After this room is a long corridor. To your left entering it is the boss chamber, to the right the rest of the hallway, with one of the IMR controllers ahead and to the right, protected by a force field. Approximately halfway through this long corridor, the timer will start for the optional objective, which gives you fifteen minutes to destroy both IMR controllers.

After the long corridor, you enter the primary generator room at the bottom of a ramp guarded by a medium-sized group of drones. In this generator room there are six generators and three levels two on each level. The generators on the right as you enter are the beta group, the generators on the left as alpha group. Right when you enter the generator room, behind the tactical drone is a console which, when interacted with, will transport the user to the generator control room. Within the control room is a centre console used to lower the shields on the generators and six smaller consoles around the perimeter which can be used to extend the time for which the shields are lowered. When a generator has its shields lowered, lightning will shoot from the ceiling to the console which you need to interact with to extend the shield transfer. As mentioned, science officers and engineers often have the easiest time managing to knock down the Borg which transport in around the shield extension console.
In order to clear the generator room, you need to clear all the Borg from the room, then send the designated person to the control room.

The top floor is designated as 1, the middle as 2, the bottom as 3. When clearing the room, it is recommended that you begin clearing from generator 1A, move to 1B, jump down to 2B, run over to 2A and clear it, then jump down from 2A to 3A and clear it. There is a heavy tactical drone in the middle of the room and an elite tactical drone near 3B. The control room is then staffed, and the team destroys generators in the reverse order in which they were cleared, communicating with the person in the control room to lower the appropriate shield. You then need only to run to each of the two IMR controllers and interact with them to start the destruction process. If you need the accolade to get the Borg Science Officer, simply walk into one of the IMR controllers and let yourself die.

After destroying the two IMR controllers, move to the previously inaccessible end of the long corridor and clear the room full of Borg. There is no particular strategy for this room aside from not rushing in and drawing the agro of the entire room. Pets shouldn’t be used for this reason, simply stand outside and draw the boss and one side of the room towards you before clearing the remainder of the room.