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06-23-2012, 01:24 PM
Originally Posted by krayuskorianis View Post
You know what I see when I come to the Klingon forums?

Crying babies. Much like this gentleman here.

Sack up and stop whining :| It's highly annoying.
And do you know what I see when I come to the federation forums? The same thing as everywhere else, only I <a klingon player> dont go to the federation gameplay/shipyard section just to start petty fights and start calling ppl names. I got enough of that in kindergarten.

Seriously.... do you see me <or any of the klingons here> coming over to your little area of the forum and calling you names and mocking you? No, you dont. If you dont have anything to contribute to the discussion...why bother coming here? Is it really just to cause dissent and call ppl names? Wow.

Yeah, that's right.