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06-23-2012, 01:37 PM
Thanks a lot for your review and your advices. It must be boring to correct all these small mistakes. :tongue: This was very helpfull, since I had a lot of difficulties with the last prompt dialog. I knew this wasn't correct but I had no clue..

I made many changes in the dialogs, but I didn't want to remove the survival and somewhat disgusting atmosphere. The science officer will still complain, and the tactical officer will remain close to rebellion at the end. This was an intended feature, and I think I even improved it slightly, with the help of your review.

I won't make changes on the debris scanning part of the first map, I want the players to wander in this area, it's been a lot of work and there's always the tricorder scan to help people in need. :biggrin:

I gave in the difficulty on the space map, a friend complained too, this mission is intended to be played by everyone. But it was doable in elite mode, I had no trouble doing so (by mistake). My main char is a science officer with huge tanking abilities, though, so a fair review on that point is really helpfull.

Before nerfing the difficulty of the ground map, I have some techical question for you. This will help me to have a better insight. What is the carreer of the character you used for this mission ? What is your personnal weapon ? The average mark and color of your equipment / BO equipment (roughly) ? Because tactical officers have to die. If I nerf mobs enough to make tacs lives easier, other carreers will find ground combat way too easy.

Last, but not least, it's weird you didnt notice that the second part was published, it's been released for a month now. You need to be a reviewer in game, but I'm sure you are. Odd.

Again, thanks for your review. I hope the second part won't require the same amount of work on grammar or incorrect sentences. Now, at least, I know that in english, you don't have to add a space before a question or exclamation mark. In french you have to, this is why i always do this mistake.

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