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06-23-2012, 02:39 PM
well in my first 30 minutes playing when the server came back up, I was on DS9 and ESD, and at least 6 people posted links to their freighter box. I dont think i say anyone opening the box, so I imagine folks were waiting to see how the price was going to settle on the exchange later.

Also within minutes of logging in, someone had posted about 20 packs on the exchange at 10mil each, this quickly dropped down to 5 where it levelled out (and I stopped tracking as I stuck a pack on for that and was happy to make 5 mil within a minute)

I opened the other pack I had and was happy with the blue flight deck officer i got (and the other rare skill doffs 2 greens and the rest white i think) which fits in nicely with that toons Armitage. I was happy with my purchase. If you expected something else from your pack I am sorry, but it is the same mechanic as the previous gamma pack. It wasnt something new.

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