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Hi guys,

I have a feature request for your great game. It is great that one can change position and size of all sub-windows using F12. However, it would be even more awesome if the 3D output of the game would be inside a movable window, too.

Why that? For starters, it could give you a couple more FPS in full screen mode if you reduce the size so that the information windows are on background and not on rendered 3D.

However, the real reason for the request is that in the awesome window mode this minor (?, of course I do not know the source code) change would allow for multiple monitor support:
For example one could move the 3D window to the left monitor and displaying all status information, map etc. on the right screen. And this would work for 1, 2, 3,...n monitors.

Of course, that might not be the need of the many ;-)