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4) assigning data samples is a but dull. you can only do one at a time and its a bit of a mission to keep adding them. can we add them in blocks of 5 or 10? also it does not show how many you have when you enter them. while not critical it might be nice to see what you own before you give it up?
Any donation that can be one of several distinct items, such as data samples or duty officers we chose to require that they be donated one at a time. The reason we don't implement a bulk donation for those items is that the player may value some matching items more than others, so we need to give the player full control over which items they donate.

Originally Posted by captainrevo1 View Post
5) as im not a fleet leader i cant tell, but please make sure people cant accidentally cancel fleet projects with one wrong click. its quite easy to accidentally cancel a doff assignment and nobody wants to lose weeks of work. there needs to be a couple of checks if you wnat to cancel.
We do not allow you to cancel projects. Since we can't return donated items for various reasons, canceling would have to result in all previously donated items for the project being lost. Rather than open up the griefing potential of cancelling projects, we decided to not allow canceling.
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