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STF Missions. What do I do so I don't look clueless?

Below, I try to outline what the basic objectives for each STF are. Keep in mind that these are just the basics of what you need to know, and are not intended to be detailed walkthroughs. Advanced strategies and detailed tactics are beyond the scope of this guide, but I've posted links you can look at above. I've presented these in the order of difficulty (at least in my opinion). I've also highlighted certain things with "Noob Tip:" as things especially important to do or not do in order to avoid garnering that label.
Also, there is a good chance that you will be grouped with an experienced player. Noob Tip: Read the chat and listen to instructions. Things will go much smoother if everyone does this.

Infected Space (Conduit)
I list this one first as this STF is probably the easiest to complete. There is no failure criteria.
  • Primary Objective: Clear the area of all borg, including the destruction of the borg transwarp gate.
  • Optional Objective: Do not allow the Transformers to be healed. Complete primary objective within 15 minutes.
  • Failure Criteria: None.
The first thing to do here is to kill the 1 cube and 2 spheres. Easy. Then you will notice the transwarp gate with a Nanite Transformer on each side. The transformers are each surrounded by 4 smaller Nanite Generators. The generators heal the transformer. The transformers heal the main gate. It is basically a chain of healing going on. Noob Tip: Do NOT shoot the main gate until the transformers are destroyed. You cannot damage the gate while the transformers are keeping it healed. Not to mention that the gate will shoot back at you, and it can hit pretty hard. Noob Tip: stick together as a group. If everyone is going over to hit the left side first, go with them. Don't go off on your own and head to the right side. You will need to destroy the generators first. As you do this, Nanite probes and Nanite spheres will start coming through the gate. If they get too close to the transformer, they will heal it. If this happens, the optional objective is failed.
Images: Gate and Transformers, Gate and Left Transformer, Transformer with Generators healing it

Summary: Kill cube and 2 spheres. Go to one side of the gate and destroy generators, then destroy transformer. Repeat on other side. Destroy tactical cube and gate. Win.

Cure Space (Found)
Again, there are probably other tactics and tips, but I've outlined the basic strategy on what to do in a Normal PUG.
  • Primary Objective: Protect the IKS Kang. Clear area of all borg. Destroy the borg carrier.
  • Optional Objective: Do not let IKS Kang health drop below 75%. Clear the area of borg within 15 minutes.
  • Failure Criteria: The missions fails (ie you do not get any rewards) if the IKS Kang is destroyed.
There are 3 borg docking areas that need to be destroyed. At the same time, the IKS Kang has been disabled and will be under attack. 1 person needs to guard the Kang while the other 4 go and destroy the docking areas. Most PUGs that I have been in will go to the right-most area first. Noob Tip: Do NOT try to destroy the center docking area first. Either do left or right first, but not the center. It makes it harder for the person guarding to be flying back and forth.

Each docking area is controlled by a single cube. The cube is being healed by 2 sets of nanite probes. Noob Tip: Do NOT attack the cube until the nanite probes are destroyed. You will not be able to damage it as long as the probes are healing it. One set of probes (the upper ones) are healing the cube. The other set (the lower ones) are healing the upper set of probes. So kill the lower ones first, then the upper ones, then the cube.
Images: Cube and docking area

For the person protecting the Kang, destroy all incoming borg NPCs. Heal the Kang if necessary. YES, the Kang CAN be healed. If you are a cruiser, you should have some heals available to throw on the Kang. If you don't, you really need to take a closer look at your build.

Summary: 1 person guards Kang, 4 people destroy the borg. Shoot lower nanite probes, then upper nanite probes, then the cube. Repeat for all 3 areas. Then destroy the carrier. Win!

Khitomer Accord Space (Vortex)
  • Primary Objective: Destroy the 2 Transwarp gates. Destroy the assimilated dreadnaught.
  • Optional Objective: Do not let ANY probes enter the time portal. Destroy the 2 transwarp gates within 15 minutes.
  • Failure criteria: The mission fails if 10 probes enter the time portal.
This mission is similar to Infected where you need to destroy a transwarp gate, except now there are 2 of them. Each of them has a similar set up with Nanite transformers and Nanite generators keeping everything healed up. In addition, groups of probes come out of each gate about every minute or so. These probes make a beeline towards the time portal in the center of the map, and they need to be destroyed before they can reach it. The most fool-proof set up is to have 4 people working on the left gate, and 1 person at the right gate. The 1 person at the right should only shoot the probes. If you start destroying the generators, spheres will spawn in addition to the probes. For the inexperienced, this can lead to failure. Noob Tip: If you are the designated person to guard a gate by yourself, just shoot the probes. Do NOT destroy any of the generators yet. Wait until the other gate is destroyed, and the rest of the team joins you.
Images: Time portal and Left Transwarp Gate, Time portal and Right Transwarp Gate

Summary: 1 person at right gate, 4 people at left gate. For the 4 person group on the left, destroy the generators, then the transformer. Repeat on other side of gate. Then destroy gate. While doing all this, keep an eye on probes that spawn. The 1 person at right gate just shoots the probes. When the left gate is destroyed, go to the right gate and repeat process. Then destroy dreadnaught.
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