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Two Four Six Eight, Why should I remodulate?
Before moving on to the ground missions, a word about borg adaptation and remodulating your weapons. Like in the shows, borg on STF ground missions will adapt to your weapon type after you shoot at them a certain number of times (can be as little as 4 shots). Once they have adapted, you will only deal 1 damage with each shot. When this happens, there will be an icon next to your avatar indicating that they have adapted. Also, if you keep shooting at them, the word "ADAPTED" can be seen above their head in green font. They will adapt to the energy type that you are using (phaser, polaron, tetryon, etc), so if you switch to a different weapon with a different energy type, you can continue to damage them. So it's helpful to have a weapon with a different energy type on switch.

Eventually, the borg will adapt to your other weapon as well, and this is when you will have to remodulate. First make sure that your remodulator is equipped in one of your device slots, and that it appears in your power tray. When the borg have adapted to both your weapons, hit the remodulate button. It will take ~5 seconds to do this. While you are remodulating, you cannot sprint, shoot, or use any kit powers, so make sure you find some cover if you are forced to remodulate during combat. Remodulating will get rid of the borg adaptation on both your weapons.

A few things to keep in mind.
  • The borg adapt on a 'per shot' basis. The more shots your weapon fires, the sooner they will adapt. Noob Tip: As a general rule, don't use dual pistols or mini-guns against the borg.(Recent changes have made this slightly less of a problem, but these weapons are still frowned upon by experienced players)
  • The borg adaptation occurs for each person separately. Even if everyone is using phasers, each player has his/her own phaser adaptation.
  • Every shot 'counts' as a shot no matter which borg you shoot (they are a collective, after all). Shooting the same borg 5 times counts the same as shooting 5 different borg 1 time each.
  • The shot count carries over from each encounter. So if you fired 3 shots in the last encounter, you are 3 shots closer to adaptation for the next group of borg you fight. Therefore, it's a good idea to remodulate in-between each group of borg you fight to reset your internal 'adaptation counter', even if they haven't adapted yet.
  • The word "ADAPTED" only appears for the person who is adapted to. If you see it, it means the borg have adapted to your current weapon. You will not be able to see it for your team mates. The only way to tell if your team mate has been adapted to is to look at the buff/debuff icons next to his/her avatar. If you see the icon in between combat, it may be worth a gentle /tell to remind them to remodulate. Also, if you have damage counters visible, you may see that they are doing "1" damage per shot.
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