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Khitomer Accord Ground (Stasis)
  • Primary Objective: Destroy 2 IMRs. Kill Tosk of Borg and his minions.
  • Optional Objective: Destroy the 2 IMRs within 10 minutes.
  • Failure criteria: None.
Noob Tip: Bring a remodulator. If this is your first time, I recommend staying in the back and following the group. You will be following a winding undergro und tunnel until you get to a large room with 3 levels that have 2 power relays on each level (total of 6). When you are approaching the room, the timer for the optional objective will start to countdown. First thing to do when you enter the room is to clear it of borg. Noob Tip: Do NOT activate any borg devices if you do not know what it does. Once the room is cleared, 1 person will be the 'shield deactivator' and beam to another room. This should be an experienced person that does this. The rest of the group will stay in the main room and destroy the power relays when the shield gets deactivated. Do this with each of the 6 relays. Noob Tip: When each relay is destroyed, you do not have to kill all the borg that spawn. You can simply run to the next relay. Taking time to kill all the spawn will often lead to failure of the optional objective because of time running out. Next, overload the IMR's (one is on the top floor, the other is outside the room). Then proceed down the hallway to the boss room. Easiest boss strategy that I know of is to draw Tosk of borg out of the room, and fight him in the hallway. After defeating him, defeat the rest of the borg in the room.
Images: 2 of the 6 Power Relays

Summary: Fight your way to relay room. Clear the room. 1 person goes to the shield room to deactivate the shields while the other 4 destroy the 6 power relays. Overload the IMRs. Defeat Tosk and friends. Win!

Infected Ground (Manus)
This STF has one of the harder optional objectives to complete successfully. As before, bring a remodulator.
  • Primary Objective: Clear the area of all borg. Defeat Manus of Borg. Defeat Rebecca Simmons.
  • Optional Objective: Save all 10 Starfleet officers from assimilation within 15 minutes.
  • Failure Criteria: None
Noob Tip: Do NOT talk to the Catian NPC standing near the transporter pad. Doing so starts the timer for the optional objective. Just follow the rest of the group, and let someone else talk to the NPC. Do NOT go ahead of the group. If you get too close to the next room, the Starfleet officers will start to get assimilated. Once the assimilation starts, you have about 10 seconds to save them. If you don't save them, the optional objective will be failed. Best to just stay in the back of the group, and wait for someone else to agro the borg. In some of the rooms, there will be 2 officers to save. In these rooms, you may be called upon to help save them. Hopefully, your team will communicate this. To save them, kill the workers that are assimilating them.

When you get to Rebecca's chamber, the team should designate 3 people who will be activating the consoles. These consoles need to be activated simultaneously by 3 people. Do not volunteer if you have never done it before. But if you are picked anyway, just follow the other 2 from corner to corner and activate the consoles when they do (you should hear a console activation sound effect). Do the same at each of the corners. Once this is done, the main shield around the main generator will drop. Destroy it, and Rebecca will spawn. Defeat Rebecca. Just a note about Rebecca's attacks - she uses a chain attack. The attack will bounce from 1 player to another if they are within range of each other, doing more damage each time it bounces. So best to spread out around the room. For more advanced strategies, see the links above or the wiki.
Images: Officer being assimilated, Rebecca's room

Summary: Follow your team through the starbase. Kill workers first if your team is trying to complete the optional. Kill the mini-boss Manus of Borg. Make your way down to the last room. Activate the 3 consoles at each corner of the room. Destroy generator. Defeat Rebecca. Win.

Cure Ground (Applied)
This STF is arguably the hardest of the STFs, mainly due to the insane damage that the boss does at the end. I recommend that this be the last STF to try. Oh, and did I mention to bring a remodulator?
  • Primary Objective: Save all Klingon captives. Collect genetic samples. Defeat Armek of Borg.
  • Optional Objective: Destroy all borg turrets within 15 minutes.
  • Failure Criteria: None.
There are 3 forcefield gates that you need to get past. To deactivate each gate, you need to activate a series transformers, 1 after another. The final one in each series will lower the force field. When a transformer is activated, worker drones and/or turrets will be activated to try and stop you. Your job is to stop the worker drones from turning off the transformers. The optional objective is to blow up the turrets. Noob Tip: Don't activate the transformers prematurely if you don't know what to expect. Activating the transformer usually will spawn workers or activate a turret. You don't want to do that if your team is not ready.

To destroy the turrets, you need to shoot them down to a certain amount of health. They will then put up cover shields and 'mini'-turrets, and start regenerating. During this time, someone has to get up next to it, and plant charges next to it. Noob-Tip: While someone is planting the charges, you should shoot the 'mini'-turrets to take agro off of him/her. If not, the shots from the mini-turrets will interrupt the person planting the charges.

Currently, many feel that the boss Armek is overpowered with his chain lightning attack. There are many strategies floating around in various threads. The most common being a medic tanking him with a melee weapon. Another common technique is the 'pulsewave' technique (basically, everyone equip a pulsewave, and engage at point-blank/melee range)
Images: Borg turret, Transformer and Borg turret

Summary: Activate the transformers to take the forcefields down. Kill borg and turrets along the way. Defeat Armek (hopefully). Win.

Advanced Strategies
As I had mentioned above, this guide is not meant to go into advanced strategies, which is something that will be needed if you are eventually going to be running the Elite versions. Instead, look in this excellent thread by Naldoran here.
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