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Well so far from my testing of the Polarized Hull Doffs, they pretty much don't work well at all. The amount of Damage Reflected per Rarity is to low. The Chance that it reflects is too low. And the fact that when it reflects it'll only reflect one shot at the most every 4 seconds during the 15 seconds that Polarized hull is up. Do not waste a Doff slot on these officers at this time. As you will be disappointed in their performance. And this is from using 2x Rare versions. (Rare versions 4% chance to reflect up to 20% damage, Very rare is I think 5% chance to reflect up to 25% damage)
its funny how garbage these new doffs are, i really have to laugh out loud. i don't think theres been a case that its ever been more clear that the person who set these new doffs up doesn't play the game enough. even playing pve would be enough to know they are worthless. npc's shoot you like 1/1000 the number of times you get shot by a player or team of players, you could proboly do a pve mision and not have this doff proc go off once. the doff proc needs to be separated from polarize hull, and just made a pasive by the sounds of it. or have a chance to go off every time HE, PH, or A2S is used. that might actually be something.

the energy officer doffs are even worse. sure just copy paste the Target subsystem proc, thats sorta good for a skill that has a minute and a half cooldown, onto skills that have a 30 second cooldown, and a 15 second global. you have never played the game AT ALL if you don't know thats worthless. there really is no excuse for this one. the white has the same functionality as the purple, anything beyond common is overkill. these doffs need to be set up like the team skill cooldown reducing doffs, or the EPtX cooldown reducing doffs.
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