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Originally Posted by mustrumridcully0 View Post
Actually "neglibible effect" would be a nice value for all DOFF procs, IMO. I think they are too much of a danger to game balance as they are.
oh well of course, that would be best for sure. introducing doffs laughably below the current base line, and introducing those energy weapon doffs that are basically not compatible with the skills they 'benefit', is almost as bad as introducing another doff as op as the transfer shield doff.

Originally Posted by broken1981 View Post
well here is my take....i posted this in another topic

what all escourts needs to take a look at is the nurse doff. 500k for a blue. i think blue is fine. i seen my crew insta revieve while getting shot at. acutally this might be good for every class ship. escourts the most to keep that tt dps good. a purple is at 11 mill but its not worth it. blue is 150% purple is 200%. i mean my escourt does have 50 crew so maybe thats why i seen it regen that fast. other ship howver might need a purple when they have 3k in crew...looking at you oddy players out there. so on my escourt i have 2 purple tt 2 purple sdo 1 blue nurse.

now i did skill to level 6 on my oddy and escourt subsystem rep. now mav i know that you really hate this skill. and you also say et will just clean the proc. but i would rather give et to another player on my team that could use it. besides clean the phaser proc get hit with another 5 secs later. also im using red matter and eps and warp core doff. i still get phaser proced but 1 thing i do notice is that it clears fast. infact that proc stays for about 3 secs max. reason due to sub skill scales with crew. the blue nurse is awesome on my escourt. that regen is just about insta recover. so my tt is staying very hot all match.

my oddy....wellll......i think its 2.5k crew? this nurse is just healing them all. now if i had a purple on my oddy i would be set. right now i have just a blue. nice thing is you only basically need a blue on any given ship. the regen at 150 is awesome in combat. purple gives sure give me a purple ill first put it on my oddy. give me another 1 and it goes on my escourt. give me another purple ill tell you that i dont need it.
umm, aside from RP based concern, crew continues to be nearly irreverent, save for it being a modifier to subsystem repair. if you wanted to skill that, and i would like to sorta, it sounds like the nurse would be required. i suppose crew does buff the passive heal %, but i have never really noticed that mattering one bit. 99% of my hull healing is from abilities.
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