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06-24-2012, 02:51 AM
Thanks again, your review has been a great help.

I made several changes on both missions, even on balance issues, if you want to know what happened thank to the time you took for my missions!

1/2: removed a heavy tactical drone in the assimilation room. This should be easier to do it now. Switched some heavy tacical for tacticals as well.

2/2: I didn't change the balance of the first space map, but i moved the spawn point to get closer to the ennemies so that the player can see he has allies and he has to hurry up while the cubes are shooting at them. The player is absolutely safe as long as allies are alive, so it's only a matter of time.

Many balance tests on the new earth spacedock map as well: I switched from a Ltcmdr and a Lt ally group to 2 allied groups with very tough captains. The fight should now last long enough so that every player has the time to kill the Borg while they're dealing with the captains. Some people will laugh though, it's just pigeon shooting on two elite drones now. Some heavy tacticals changed for tactical drones as well on isolated groups.

Deck 12 balances: there are only 2 heavy tactical drones now, the captain is now an easier one, and I moved several tough and easier groups to give the player more time to breathe between two tough groups. Balance may also be a spatial strategy. :biggrin: I want this map to take some time, it's intended.

Paulson Nebula 2: I changed the group 2 spheres + 3 or 4 probes for a 2 speres + 2 probes. I don't feel it needs to be easier, everyone should be able to take down a single cube, since probes are a joke and meant to explode with the cubes. Dealing with probes first may be an issue since cubes have major debuff abilities, but I don't feel like making a tutorial right in the middle of my mission. I may move some of the groups so that they don't merge in a deadly one though, i'm not sure about what I should do here.

Spawn points added on most of the maps too. And of course, all the spelling issues were solved (hopefully).

The missions should now be classified as challenging instead of being very challenging. This is intended and I don't think lvl 46 or more players should be given too easy ennemies. All this was possible with your help. :wink:

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