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umm, aside from RP based concern, crew continues to be nearly irreverent, save for it being a modifier to subsystem repair. if you wanted to skill that, and i would like to sorta, it sounds like the nurse would be required. i suppose crew does buff the passive heal %, but i have never really noticed that mattering one bit. 99% of my hull healing is from abilities.
i havent noticed it affecting healing either. but as for being irreverent i highly doubt this. have you noticed how badly tt get affected by low crew? tt2 with about 5 crew is +7.1 while full crew tt2 gives +24. thats a huge dip in dps. not to mention being more prone to phaser procs or subsystem targeted. if your doff lay out is 2 purple tt doffs and 3 purple sdo and go 2 sdo you dont lose anything but actually gaining. we all played pvp with out doffs. we all know how to keep our sheilds up. even if we lose them we have team work. in a 1v1 yes 3 sdo needed. but this is team play with over a mill of pets all using phaser which is massvie ammount of procs a ship can take. the nurse just helps guard from procs abit better.

just having a blue nurse i notice my tt is more healthy during a match. phaser procs dont even have an effect like they used too. i notice a huge difference. less then 5 min into a match and most of my crew is dead. now i can go a full match and actually have crew. i also think most players just dont value crew during pvp only because we are all used to how phaser proc used to work. i always liked crew because it helps my tt keep up the good dps. if tt did not take off tact debuffs or even boost my dps and all it did was blance my sheilds i would not even have it. thats what my space bar does. but since tt does boost dps i do care alot about my crew, even more so since phaser procs happen so much its the main reason for my ship to go boom.

just an edit, take a torp hit at full sheilds and see how much crew in a defiant gets wiped out. put in a blue nurse take the same torp hit and watch as a second later the crew just insta regen. it helps get crew back while in combat. i do think an oddy should use the purple. but for low crew blue is only needed. but only if you you dont want to be phaser proced and have that tt work for you.

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