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06-24-2012, 04:10 AM
THE PRICES ARE THE SAME - $25 still gets you $25 dollars worth of items. I give up. Folks can't do simple math deserve to give themselves an aneurysm from their misplaced rage.

Armitage costs $25 USD
= 2000 Cpoints (old cryptic price)
= 2500 zen (expected pwe price)
= $25 USD

Not a difficult concept.

As far as the cost to overseas players purchasing zen, I posted this elsewhere and I am happy enough (and have been although I was initially annoyed at having to pay in euro rather than USD as i did when i first started over 3 years ago)

The last time i bought zen at the beginning of June I got the 5000 zen bundle (which gave me 300 extra zen and so for STO would give me 4240 c points for my cash)

45 Euros = 5000 + 300 zen
45 Euros = GBP 36.35 (0.8777 x EURO)
45 Euros = $56.77 (1.26156 x EURO) - this does not equal $50 obviously.

Now converting sterling direct to dollars gets a similar result:

GBP 36.35 = $56.97 (1.56726 x GBP) - A difference here of 20 cents I can live with.

A direct conversion of USD price to sterling gives the following:

$50 = GBP 31.91 (0.638172 x USD)

An overall difference of GBP 4.44 from the actual charged price.

GBP 4.44 is approximately 14% of GBP 31.91

EU law only requires that the standard VAT rate must be at least 15% and the reduced rate at least 5% so my roundings may have given me the 14% rather than 15%.

This vat or purchase tax was formerly absorbed by PWE for many years, however they were pulled up for it i believe when they wanted to open their European servers and for european customers had to pass on the VAT charge. I don't believe US customers have this extra tax.

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