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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
as far as i know, the only damage buff from TT is from a small bump in weapons proficiency skill points for 10 seconds, so an extreamly small damage buff.

with crew, i think its % alive that maters more then number alive. i don't think the actual number maters, though i haven't checked the passive repair rate of an odyssey and defiant back to back to make sure.
i could hardly call tt2 +24 all energy damage for 10 secs a small bump. with a cloaked alpha and all buffed out thats major.

again im not talking about passive repair rate here. sorry if im having a hard time understanding excally what you mean when you say this. the nurse regens crew during a match, ie, take a torp hit, say it killed 27% of your crew, it will bring back your crew to 75%. so during the match the nurse will regen your crew back to 75%. and 75% of your crew gives full dps of what ever tt skill that you have. even if im wrong and tt is a small bump, its still extra juice for pew pew. i got hit by 3 torps and was taking pahser fire. while i was taking phaser fire i watched my crew regen. since when does that happen? i only noticed crew regen out of combat.

so lets just say you get hit with theta, well no crew left tt2 is worthless, could just use tt1 and chain it. wait!!!!! now i have an awesome nurse( hope she is hot and alone in sick bay) im getting my crew regened back to 75% (while under fire) thus less proned to pahser proc and my tt will get that dps boost. i dont know man im not a pro, just a semi decent player and this makes sence to me. i did my doff lay out according to the powers i use most. purple tt doffs x2 purple sdo doffs x2 blue nurse 150% crew recover in combat. so i have my offensive powers buffed and the tt doff even boost tt more then just the cd, (+10 per tt purple doff) defensive doff for when my shields go gown and nurse to keep my tt hot while also helping to guard from phaser procs.

i feel that i have balanced out my doff lay out to be offensive as well as defensive. tryed to find that perfect balance of in between. i hope players like you will test this nurse. i hope that i am not wrong in my thinking. i am seeing it work under heavy pahser fire. even in my oddy i have has less disable time due to the nurse for getting all of my crew back to 75%. in fact ive noticed a disable time of under 5 secs. with no crew its way longer compounded by more then 1 system down at any given time. now im just at the point when i say go do it and torp me, not going to disable my systems for awesome longness, i got crew!!!!. lol yeah this thought about crew does come off odd. but now with all the pet spam from sci and now even escourt carriers its time to really think about guarding agsint crew death

ok edit and stats +24 all energy +10 star ship attack patterens

tt1 1882-1255 tt1 with crf3 2445-1881

tt2 1895-1264 tt2 with crf3 2462-1894 so yes you are correct, its a small bump with just thoes stats. but with a cloaked alpha with omega its still very good.

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