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06-24-2012, 06:34 AM
If you're creating an interior map above an exterior one from scratch, you can, with prior planning, make sure that the piece of floor the NPC is on is separate from everything else, then use triggers to make it disappear then reappear. The NPC will fall through and "disappear", then using a second trigger, you make the floor reappear.

Using this dropping method, you can also drop a squad of ensign level mastiffs or targs and use it as a timer. 800 units high seems to give you about six seconds, so you can use a "kill targets" objective as a "wait for something to happen" objective. It gives a more reliable time span than having a friendly mob kill an enemy mob off of map, and you won't accidently hear erroneous combat sounds either.

Now you can just use this method without the disappearing floor with the right off-map positioning, but you're limited to the amount of time dictated by the map. Using the floor drop method, you can set 3 squads up, on 3 separate floors and have the second mob's floor triggered by the first mob's death using component complete, and thus have three times the amount of time dropping the squad nets you.

Using triggers for trapdoors is pretty handy so far.