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O'really ?

Cause my past two space STF's Cure and KA, (granted on normal), where is on both, we made the optionals, we were only offered ONE rare Borg salvage as the optional drops, on both runs.

AND on BOTH missions, I only ended up getting a rare Borg salvage, in addition too my Mystery box and one encrypted data chips in both my loot bags at the end.

But surprise, surprise, I walked away with ten Ferengi lock boxes, (Five each mission, twelve in actuality as both Mystery boxes yielded two more lock boxes).

So after running two random STFs and completing both optionals, I walked away with two rare Borg salvages, two data chips and twelve Ferengi lock Boxes.

I know it's been stated that the "mechanics" say that the lock boxes haven't replaced rewards, BUT, reality is, the "perception" sometimes shows otherwise.

Needless to say, the constant spamming of useless boxes, trying to sell me keys, and the stingy overall rewards, have taken most the fun out of the game for me this lovely Sunday afternoon, I think I'll go for a walk instead.