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06-24-2012, 11:07 AM
I farm the heck out of this assignment with all 7 of my guys and get it very regularly.
For me it works out to every mon/Tues and Fri...and I hit it like clockwork.
Got it this past Friday, np...with all 7 guys.
I have never, never had issues with being able to find it after the 3 day cooldown.
If I didn't get it after 3 days it's because I didn't look.
Guess I'm just very lucky, because I see so many of these type post complaining about not be able to find it for days or weeks...
So...all I can say it's still there, it has NOT been changed, or made to show less frequently or gone away.
keep looking.
And Heritic has posted several times comfirming it has NOT been modified, replaced or changed in frequency.
It is a "Rare"'s not gonna be there 24/7...only "rarely"
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