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06-24-2012, 12:39 PM
TT gives a small 10 second buff to Starship Energy Weapons Training, and Starship Projectile Weapons Training. TT1-18, TT2-24 and TT3-30. with TT2 and TT3, thats like having another tactical console equipped for 10 seconds. that can be kinda handy, but its nothing compared to the direct damage bonus of other tactical powers. i have never noticed the potency of the TT damage bonus being linked to alive crew, i'll look into that next time i play though. oh and the buff to attack patterns is from the conn doffs.

the only things crew has been confirmed to effect is the passive hull regeneration and the passive subsystem repair rate. it effects these things in very minor ways, but it also makes putting points into subsystem repair a waist, after the crew became a multiplier for it every time my crew was dead the skill point based boost did next to nothing to repair the subsystem faster. even if the nurse doff could make it viable to put skill points back into subsystem repair, i have a hard time justifying also giving up an active roster spot for it.
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