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# 1 Random PvP Thoughts
06-24-2012, 02:22 PM
I think we need one. Post your random PvP thought of the day, be it a word, a sentence or several paragraphs, be it an observation, a question, a remark, a witty comment, a complaint, an inspiration.

My random thought was this:

The Rythm of PvP is determined by cooldowns and durations.

15 seconds System Cooldown.
30 seconds EPTS, duration, 30 seconds global, 60 second cooldown, 30 seconds to next EPtS
10 Seconds Cannon Rapid Fire III, 30 seconds global, 60 seconds cooldows, 30 seconds to Cannon Scatter Volley I
Beam Overload 1 shot in the next 30 second, 30 second global, 60 second cooldown
Transfer Shield Strength 15 secnd duration, 45 second cooldown, 30 second global
Tactical Team, 10 second duration ,30 second global
Enemy RSP running out in 10 seconds
Next Allied Subnuke in 20 seconds
Tactical Initiative ready in the next 30 seconds

Mustrum "I could probably describe PvP with Temporal Logic" Ridcully