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06-24-2012, 07:36 PM
One of the most important aspects of this game are your skills. It is important to put your skill points in the proper skills and not waste any of them. It is also important to not waste your free respec tokens and money every time you want to make changes to your skills. With this free skill planner you can prepare your skills using all the available features and then when you are satisfied you can put those changes in the game. The best part is that you can also find builds by other players to get ideas.

Star Trek Online Skill Planner -

Build Search -

Change Log -

Suggestions, comments, bug reports, etc. are always welcome. I hope you find this tool helpful.

* Works exactly like in the game, but with additional features.
* Chose your ship from any that can be found in game.
* Set up all your ship's and character's items.
* Choose your space, ground, and bridge officer abilities.
* Choose abilities from the Reputation system.
* See recommendations for skills based on the options you've chosen.
* Click on any skill to read the description, a simpler description, and see what it affects.
* Save/Load your build on the website or to a file.
* Click the "Help" and "Tips" buttons to get more assistance.
* Print your skill tree for your reference.

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