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People posting builds for a Science or Tactical Odyssey aren't reading the post, but trying to advertise their build. He has an -Engineering- Odyssey, so any suggestions should be for the ship in question, not 'go spend another $25 USD on another ship'.

The configuration of the OP's ship seems like it was trying to mount as many different systems on it as possible. While I'm not familiar with all the modules named, it seems like the ship would be a jack of all trades trying to do the job another ship specialized for tanking would find difficult. Little wonder it seems to be folding quicker than it should.

For myself, I run an Odyssey-Op on my Engineer that works well. It's primarily focused on defense and supporting other ships, so it is not optimized for solo or selfish play. I'll post it here and give an explanation to help the OP with another example to consider and compare to his own.

Fore Weapons: 3 x Mk XI AP Beam Arrays [Borg], 1 x Mk XII Quantum Torp [Borg]
Aft Weapons: 3 x Mk XI AP Beam Arrays [Borg], 1 x Mk XI Quantum Torp [Borg]

Engineering Consoles: 4 x Neutronium Armor, 1 x Chevron Seperation
Science Consoles: 1 x Assimilated Module, 2 x Field Generators (add to shield points)
Tactical Consoles: 2 x Antiproton Mag Regulator

Shield: MACO Mk XI Resiliant
Impulse Engine: Borg (or MACO Mk XI)
Deflector: MACO Mk XI


Tactical: Tactical Team 1, Beam - FAW2
Engineering: EPTW1, RSP1, EPTS3, ES3
Science: HE1, TSS2
Universal LtCom: (Engineer) EPTS1, Aux to STR1, ES2
Universal Ens: (Science): Polarize Hull 1

The reason I have two types of Impulse Engines noted is that I will generally switch to a full MACO set for Cure to get the additional Heavy Beam attack. All other times, I go with the Borg Engine for its Sector Space abilities (the asymetric warp effect of the MACO engines gives me headaches).

This build works by using TSS2 and RSF (Engineering Captain) to keep resistances high while using EPTS to keep the shields as high as possible. Aux to STR1, TT1 and the two copies of ES are there to defend other ships, while the Polarize Hull gives the ship an anti-tractor defense. The RSP is your 'emergency button', to be used when you come under so much fire that your shields are about to collapse (which also means you are doing your job as a Cruiser in blocking for the team). TT1 and Aux to STR1 can also be used on yourself in this situation to buy time.

With the high hull resists against all damage from the 4 Neutronium plates, the ship can sustain quite a bit of fire past the shields. The balanced loadout of weapons ensures a good broadside while keeping torpedos available no matter how the ship turns. More importantly, the arrangement keeps power requirements down, allowing the EPTW to act as a damage booster instead of simply being used to keep the guns firing. The FAW combined with the beam arrays makes for a good defensive option when faced with fighters or heavy plasma torps, while the HE1 is there to handle any plasma or Borg DOTs that do get through.

As I said, it's important to note that this is a defensive/support build, as that is what I believe a Cruiser should be doing in a fleet. It's possible to make the ship an attack ship by putting a tactical BOFF in the Lt.Cmdr and Ensign slots, but I don't see this as using the ship to its full potential (it still can't match an Escort for attack). Similarly, you could replace the ES with other abilities for solo play, but this would leave any team you join without your support as an Engineering ship.

Hope this helps and maybe gives you some ideas to try.

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