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Here is a +1 on the frustration on this thread.

Going down the list:

1 - Confusing system and terms

"Charge Zen"??? Really? This is a horribly unintuitive term for "purchasing." Maybe it's very hip in China, but it's a needlessly confusing and obscure term for english speakers.

2 - Bad interface design.

To charge to a credit card, I have to disable my browser's cookie protections. The reason? PWE links to an outside charge agent inside a frakking FRAME, which is usually the behavior of malicious adware secretly writing cookie info.

I must do business with at least 30 other internet companies, and this is the FIRST time I've ever been required to disable my cookie protections (and thus open myself up to malicious problems if I forget to reenable it).

3 - "Reviewing" idiocy.

I made a purchase of Zen today hoping to buy an Armitage, but after discovering my points are unavailable due to "review" I learn by reading ON THE FORMUS, not as a WARNING WHEN I PURCHASE, that there may be up to a 24 hour delay before I can actually use the points.

I've seen a number of ridiculous apologists blaming forum posters for faulting PWE claiming it was our bank's fault. Wrong. My purchase is logged and completed according to my bank. This is clearly not protecting the users from fraud, it is protecting PWE from false transactions; ran this all by a friend in the MMO industry and he spelled it out for me.

This makes me FURIOUS. I spend money and then have to wait an unspecified amount of time before using it? ABSURD. No other internet site has ever done this to me. And they do not warn the customer.

This is the single worst internet financial transaction I've ever had to suffer. Cryptic's method was painless and effective. This is an insult to their customer base.