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06-25-2012, 01:38 AM
Price reduction is great LOL. If you are poor like me you can just play the system and push out a couple of these doff packs a day too by playing the system they are for which I love the most about it.

The only side note I believe though is with the expanding slots for duty officers that those should come down too for those of us like myself with 15 characters so it won't cost me over 24k c points to max out their roster space.

I think others would be more inclined to buy c points and get into this if the price was a bit reasonable in costs terms for the characters it would cost about for my 15 characters it would cost $309.37 to get them all maxed out so I think Cryptic/PWE should come down some off that make it a bit more reasonable to some people thats like a light bill or rent or whatever... Even though I'm very poor and rely on dilithium though I think with people actually paying for everything they get with real money they would see more sales if it were a bit more reasonable to get them all expanded to get into buying packs.