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06-25-2012, 04:00 AM
Since they are bought, it boils down to a simple rule:
"You wanted it, you got it. Live with it."

You are not required to buy any Packs at all, the DOFF-System works well without them.
It just takes more time.

I bought over 30 Gammapacks (got some nice DOFFs; no ship) during the incentive. But I'm fine. I got what I wanted (new DOFFs), and a bit more stuff (Lobis, which made me a good buck and some costumfun for my GF).

I bought 5 of the new Packs, got nothing out of it with any use for me (I don't fly carriers).
But still got good cash on the exchange, and my GF was very happy with her 3 new Rare DOFFs she got that way. So, again, I'm fine with it, I still got something worthwhile.

FYI I am a big collector of various Trading Card Series and Games (I still have my Decipher CCG complete Collections, and on the market they are nearly worthless, still I spent several thousands in cash on the cards during the years), so I'm familiar with the ways such systems work and how to live with it.
Spending lots of cash on some printed paper or digital ones isn't for everyone, so my advice: Don't buy it, if you can't handle it! If you do, live with it.
(In contrast to the lockboxes, it's pure gambling, so I don't buy keys at all, and so shouldn't anyone if you ask me)