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Originally Posted by grylak View Post
Hmmm. Interesting comments on the Continue button. I had wondered about replacing my continue with something, but wasnt sure what. I guess making them blank buttons would not be a good move?

I'll have to fix those on my mission on your list, there are quite a few continue in it. I viewed it as continue the conversation, not as the player saying continue.
Personally, I think it is OK to have "Continue" as a button, when the text really continues (e.g. 3 pages of dialog, on page 1 & 2 it says "Continue"). Whenever another character speaks or a dialog is finished, there could/should be something to acknowledge that there's a change in the dialog. Sometimes a simple "Understood" is enough, if you ask me.

And you should be aware that this coin has two sides. Many Foundry authors tend to overuse the button text and put A LOT of dialog or sentences in there - that pretty much destroys text flow and is often confusing. I would dare to say that most people only superficially read those buttons and don't want to have answers put into the mouths of their captains.

As with many things, you should try to hit the right balance. And be consistent in the way you use buttons.

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