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Originally Posted by boorman73 View Post
Hi all. I could use some advice for my ship. I seem to be getting my behind kicked in elite STF's more than I should. It takes me forever to take out simple probes. Any suggestions to increase my DPS or staying power would be appreciated.

5 Mk 12 AntiProton Beams
Breen Transphasic Cluster torp
Tricobalt Torp Launcher Mk 11 [Acc] [Crtd] [DMG]
Rapid Relod Transphasic Torp

Assimilated deflector array
Supercooled Combat Impulse engine Mk 11
M.A.C.O. Resilient Shield array Mk 12

Engineering consoles:
Chevron separation
SIF Generator Mk 12
Plasma Distribution Manifold Mk 11
Monotanium Alloy Mk 11
Electroceramic hull plating Mk 11

Science Consoles:
Assimilated Module
Power Insulator Mk 11
Inertial Dampeners Mk 11

Tactical Consoles:
Energy Distribution Manifold Mk 12
Warhead Yield Chamber Mk 11
i love oddys and use all 3 regularly and have good dps and survivability.

i think too many torps. turrets fire all the time.

maco 12 shiled with borg set.

consoles are a disaster. i see other advice to help you on this so I won't elaborate.