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06-25-2012, 11:02 AM
I'm very annoyed. Playing this game a while ow, dipping in and out. Decided today to purchase the Advanced Heavy Cruiser, Excelsior class, because I hate the regular Heavy Cruiser I have. I envisioned simply having to buy them on the STO site... no, I'm redirected then told I have to buy Zen points. (charge Zen? Wtf?)
Ok, but then it turns out that there is a conversion rate... (started to get pissed at this point, unnecessarily confusing). Ok, eventually I settle on getting 2000 Zen points, for 18 Euro. Good stuff! Moneybrokers etc goes handily enough, get a message saying my money is debited, now to buy me some ship!

I can't.

Seriously, wtf. You have my money, then you review? How long do I have to wait? Had I known this I wouldn't have bothered purchasing anything.

Very annoyed.